What Causes Leaky Pipes?

Education is power and learning the most common causes of a leaking pipe can help you prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. Although there’s a plumber to find leaking pipe and repair the problems, preventing them from happening saves sanity, time, and money. So, why do pipes leak? There are many reasons, some of them we’ll discuss here.

A House Shift

One of the reasons that your pipes may leak is due to deterioration or shifting of your home or foundation. This isn’t very easy to prevent, however as pipes begin to wear as they get old. When the pipes get old, they begin to rust, which causes leaks. Sometimes, leaks occur due to age in several places within the pipes. The shifting of your house may also cause the plumbing joints to loosen, which can also cause them to separate which will cause water leakage. Even if you notice only a drop or two of water leaking, you must call a plumber because this can lead to big trouble and plenty of water waste.

A Seasonal Change

Change in the temperature may also be responsible for a leak. When temperatures change from hot to cold, the water that is running through your house also changes temperatures which can cause the pipes to crack or burst. Contrast of the pipes during the winter may also cause water to leak from around them due to expansion.

A Job Done Wrong

Improper plumbing is yet another cause of leaks. If the plumbing is not put together correctly and water pressure is not regulated as it should be, cracks in the pipes can occur, as can a burst pipe and a lot of other headache and hassle that you do not want to deal with. This is a cause to call a professional plumber to fix it immediately.

A Clogged Situation

Clogged pipes will also cause leaks. Some people think that a clogged pipe is something that you cannot avoid, however the truth is, you can avoid them quite well if you know how. Make sure that you use drain stoppers to prevent grease, hair, and other particles from going down into the drain. Use the toilet only for disposal of feces and urine. Do not put anything inside the toilet, including toilet paper. Make sure that you don’t use drain cleaners if a clog does occur. Although they may solve the problem temporarily, they cause more problems than they’re worth of the end of the day.

These are the most common causes of a leaking pipe. Do not take this as a light matter and make sure that you find a plumber immediately if you notice a pipe is leaking or you suspect that you have a leak somewhere inside of the plumbing system. You can call a plumber to find leaking pipe and get the problem resolved quickly. Don’t waste your money or water when the pros are just one phone call away, ready to quickly resolve your woes.

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